Get more value with Eduis integrations. Create a modern technology environment using fully integrated Office 365 for Education and Learning Management System platforms.

Office 365 integration

Eduis is fully integrated with the Office 365 platform for education, enabling cooperation and communication between all participants in the school system.

Via Eduis, you can access applications such as Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Teams, and OneNote so that teachers and students can collaborate and communicate at any time, in any place.

Connect teachers and students with Eduis and Microsoft Office 365

Improve your learning and teaching outcomes with built-in services and learning tools that support reading, writing, maths, and communication.

  • Via Eduis, easily access tools such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and easily create new content with other participants.
  • With an Eduis account you get a mail account with a mailbox of 50 GB storage through which you can communicate with other users.
  • Use the MS Teams application to access a virtual classroom from anywhere inside or outside the school premises.
  • By running OneNote, create your digital notebook and take notes from all subjects in a central location.
  • Through Forms, you can easily conduct testing or surveying multiple participants and have all the answers in one place with automatically generated tools.
  • With the help of Sway, create interesting multimedia content without spending time on formatting, because Sway has built-in functionality that makes sure that your presentation looks perfect.
  • OneDrive offers you 1 TB of storage for both private documents and documents that you can share with other users. With the OneDrive application, you can access all your documents from anywhere and from any device.
  • Use the streaming service to upload, play and share video content. Also, this service offers you to record your own content, and share it with users that you define.

Productivity for all

  • Run Learning Management System

Within Eduis, there is also an integrated e-learning platform that you can use to post various content that you can share with other participants. Through e-learning platform you can also monitor the activities of each participant.

Whether classes are conducted in classrooms or virtual form, students have an access to digital teaching content wherever they are. Also, teachers can continue to conduct their classes through the LMS platform, providing students with all the necessary content and school materials needed to conduct classes..