About Us

Eduis is a unique School Management Solution created by Lanaco Ltd. Company. It is an interactive platform designed to improve the way a school is managed via an integrated platform that connects all the departments of an educational institution and all the participants in the educational process.

Why Eduis

We created a unique software solution to support and improve digital educational transformation. Eduis is designed with the mission to empower the education system with unified technology that assists all the participants in educational process to realize and reach their full potential.

Eduis Today

The Eduis is now actively used by over 500 000 users worldwide. This is the third generation of software solutions that we are adapting to the current needs of different educational systems. Besides, we keep up with modern flows in the world of education at all levels. Eduis is currently represented and actively used in numerous private and public schools on three continents Asia, Africa and Europe. We make our best efforts to build the leading software that simplifies everyday tasks for school staff, parents and students in the educational process and also provides a secure digital platform that is fully customizable to specific school needs.





About Lanaco Ltd.

Lanaco Ltd. is the largest private IT company in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which has been operating since 1990, and currently has over 350 employees with a tendency of growth. We create innovative solutions based on the use of latest generation technology that fully adapts to the needs and demands of end users, whose final satisfaction is the most important success criteria for us. We offer Software Solutions and Managed Services in the following fields: AI, Cloud, IT Infrastructure, Security, Analytics, IoT, Blockchain, Automation, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Computer Vision, Recommendation Systems, Communication & Collaboration, Customer Experience, Wireless & Mobility.



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